Be part of the change

The Green Issue Portal supports the CLN Environmental Policy by providing a space where CLN employees can suggest ideas to make significant improvements in the environmental impact of our operations.

To encourage the sharing of ideas on the Portal, the person in each region submitting the best idea each year during the period from 1 July to 30 June will receive a prize from the Regional Leader. 

The ideas that can be submitted through the Portal are new ideas that offer an opportunity to better tackle our objectives to reduce Greenhouse Gases, as follows:

  • Reduction in the use of electrical energy
  • Reduction in the use of gas
  • Reduction in the use of petrol or diesel for transport
  • Conversion of processes from those using gas to those using electricity
  • Other idea to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2

There are two ways to submit ideas on the Portal:

  1. An employee of CLN Group can submit an idea directly on this Portal if the plant in which they work does not have its own system in place for collecting ideas. This is applicable in the regions of Brasil, South Africa, Turkey and Romania.
  2. For those plants which already have an ideas system to gather improvements from their employees, the EHS officer of the plant will submit an idea for consideration by the Committee when a local idea submission meets the criteria of a valid idea for the Portal. This means the idea should be submitted to the plant improvement ideas system already in place locally and it will be transmitted to the Committee by the EHS Officer through the Portal. This is applicable in the regions of Russia, Portugal, France, Poland, and Slovakia

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